Gaining Weight is Not easy either !!

The whole world is running behind losing extra kgs and I on the other side was wondering about gaining some of those extra kgs. Me and my bestie would always joke about it saying wish there was some transfusion way where I could easily get the kgs I wanted from her 😂

All my life I was skinny , sometimes called negative size , not even zero. Body shaming is a big thing in India. When people called a fatty fat it used to hurt them same was other way round but since you had no fats it was ok to body shame. I never let any of those effect me. I was fit and active and when consulted doctor found out i had super high metabolism factor.

I always loved who I was and whatever way I was and still do.I was always proud of myself for whichever size i was in. Also to put it down it is kinda slim heritage in my family.

But yes i wanted few extra kgs(very little) for me but could never gain them. I started gymming and follow diet but after 2 months it was not effective. I could not give time with my busy work schedule.

Also I stayed away from mom so no home cooked food. I survived on outside food and junk. It did not add any weight.

I was always 38 to 40kg !! Literally !!

Then i consulted a dietician who planned my diet which i could not follow again but somehow my routine was set and I started eating at right time with right amount and right things. i challenged myself on my 27th birthday that I will add little extra pounds. I have strong will power and am always determined.

You know what I did gain weight. Dancing was the only excersice I did that time. After some 3 months I reached 45kgs and then slowly till 47kg !

I was so happy and know what still people said you should gain more and this and that. I stopped listening. Because finally i reached my desired goal, i just wanted few extra kgs and did not want to become more than that to be later on advice upon losing those kgs !

Currently I am still the same. I did not check my weight recently but i know I am in that range. Not size zero now i guess.

Thanks to my husband’s habit of Yoga ,i started doing yoga.

In life remember to be happy and eat healthy. Live life for you . If you are happy with your body type be confident about it and don’t let anything bother you. Thin or Fat it is your choice. Dont run behind to do something that the world is telling you to. It is important to stay fit. If you are not happy then work for it. I will always love me the way I am 🖤

Keep Smiling 😊

This is the recent version of me :

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