From Ordinary wardrobe , How to manage on the other side of the Wall : WinterLand – Canada

I am an Indian and I stay in weather condition totally opposite to what I have lived all my life. From the scroching heat to the frozen land. Its like living in 2 opposite worlds.

Yes it is difficult to adjust but with time you get used to it. The main thing is to understand how to dress up in cold weather. Which creams to use and how to manage your hair.


I have good hair which is not too dry and not too silky. I have experimented a lot with my hair. I carried L’oreal spa kit and keratin shampoo and conditioner with me from India but that did not work well here.

I tried TreSemme products which worked well initially but later did not. Currently I am using a shampoo with Argan oil of Morocco in it and the result is just amazing. I do not have frizzy or dry hair. Hope this works for you.

Edit:- I am now using Loreal products for all the color on my hair. Also Hair mask from Sephora.

Just try to get something from Shopper’s drug mart and use products from here.

Skin :

I like to keep my skin natural. Not a everyday makeup person just some light one for office or regular outings. Also my makeup is some kohl & lipstick & I am good.

I started using Cetaphil moisturizer and oh my god, it is one gem. For light makeup; if at all I need to do ,I use BB cream – NYX works for me.

Edit:- I don’t use BB cream anymore in Winter. Just moisturizer. I do use some Skin serums that you get in Sephora.

Make sure you moisture yourself well especially in this winter. During summer Cetaphil is little heavy on the skin. So you can use just the BB cream too or some light Neutrogena moisturizers or Clinque products.

Remember to use handcreams in winter !!

Dressing :

The main part of dressing is layering. Coming here I saw girls wearing just jeans or dresses with stockings and they are fine. How did they manage that when I am covered inside my heavy winter jacket.

Well we can survive with the art of layering. As much years you spend you will understand your winter requirements.

Wear stockings the thick one, they call it tights here. You will get them in any shop – H&M , Forever21, Urban planet , Ardene etc. Use long Knee length or thigh length socks. Also the leggings that you get here are warmer. They have layer of woollen material inside called Fleece leggings. Try Urban planet for this or Just Cozy my go to place for leggings.

Now depending upon temperature you can decide to wear dress with these or jeans and top. Jacket is obviously must. I will advice not to buy any cheap jacket but a good winter jacket because you will use it almost everyday during winter.

Now when temperature is very cold like -10 or below and you will be outside for longer time then 1st layer is thermals. Wear them then layer with sweaters & leggings or jeans.

Sweatshirts , Sweaters are soo in . Wear any collared Shirt and style with a sweatshirt over that. When inside you really do not need any jackets .

Keep your summer clothes away. Trust me you will have time to wear them later.

Use scarfs , gloves and beanies!

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