That big Change in Life : Shifting Countries , Being Free and Taking Risk

I believe everyone should for once be free of thoughts and feel free in life.

I left my job in Dec 2017, got married so there was this big change that was happening in my life. I wanted to enjoy each phase of my life equally that was the reason I quit. Also I had to move to another country but I opted not to take internal transfer from my organization as i wanted to be free and have some quality time for me and my new life ahead.

We are running around like machines and forgetting to live life. Many of us are vacation deprived. Well whats the point of living if all you gonna do is work.

Even after marriage i had to return to that desk and sit there for 9 hours just after moving from my Home of 29 years. So i took the chance.

I was warned, it would take time to get job in canada (I was moving to Canada btw), may be a year as I do not have Canadian experience. Still i thought of taking the chance.

This was one of the best decision i ever made. I could spend so much time with my family , give equal time to my new family and my husband. All i would do was to sit watch netflix (all the time ) and plan trips. Best time.

Yes but eventually i was getting bored and now i wanted to work. So then we decided to make the shift from a smaller city to bigger city (Halifax to Toronto) . 4 months and already 3 cities lived . Mumbai – Kolkata – Halifax – Toronto Finally.

I started applying for jobs as soon as i touched Toronto. I started networking. Made friends. Another change in life but this was wonderful change. My husband was so supportive with me, my crankiness and craziness. I even thought of doing some part time jobs just to come out of house and go and get few dollars. I am someone who likes to spend and contribute equally financially too. It disturbed me to buy stuff and plan a trip that only my husband will spend his hard earned money and i could not contribute or help. Not that we were financially not stable, we had enough money to live and roam and have a good lavish life.

All recruiters were taking time and i was growing impatient and he told me it takes time be patient. Things will work out. I tried developing my skills on the other side instead of giving up.

Then one day i get a call from HR about interview. Perfect role Perfect Job and thing i wanted. I gave it my all and luckily cracked my first ever interview here without any canadian experience but only with skill set and work experience. It was long 2 hours interview and i was soo happy to get that offer !!

I took 6 months break in life from regular routine and got something wonderful in life. True , Patience is the key. Self Belief and confidence, only things i did not ever lose. Also i have an awesome family and loving husband . I am blessed.

Just wanted to share my experience of this whole shift in life as far as being free is concerned, go take that vacation you have been planning all this while. I know not everybody can take risk of leaving a job but you can take days off to live for you. Do it and feel the freedom !!

Published by Sudipta

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